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Carter Reyes

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LoudMiner is a cryptocurrency miner based on XMRig (another miner) and designed to mine Monero cryptocurrency. LoudMiner is cross-platform software, and thus can run on different operating systems such as MacOS, Linux, and Windows. It is distributed by bundling it with set-ups of pirated (cracked) copies of VST (Virtual Studio Technology) software.

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Software cracking tools operate in a similar manner: people use them to bypass activation of licensed software, however, these tools are often used by cyber criminals to install malware rather than cracking any software or operating system.

Check any additional settings in the set-ups and dismiss offers to download or install unwanted bundled programs. Be careful opening attachments or links that are presented in e-mails received from unknown, suspicious, or dubious addresses. If an email is irrelevant, ignore it and do not open anything. Do not use software cracking tools or use cracked software.

As we mentioned above, cyber criminals distribute LoudMiner through set-ups of pirated VST software. Therefore, it is bundled (included) into set-ups of cracked software that is relating to audio production.

Software cracking tools operate similarly: people use them to bypass activation of software that is licensed, however, often these tool are also used by cyber criminals and are designed install malware rather than cracking the particular software or operating system. 350c69d7ab


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