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Atomic And Molecular Spectra Laser By Rajkumar Pdf 56

Atomic and Molecular Spectra Laser by Rajkumar PDF 56

Atomic and molecular spectra are the patterns of light emitted or absorbed by atoms and molecules when they undergo transitions between different energy levels. These spectra provide valuable information about the structure, properties, and interactions of matter. One of the applications of atomic and molecular spectra is the laser, which stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. A laser is a device that produces a coherent beam of light with high intensity and low divergence.

atomic and molecular spectra laser by rajkumar pdf 56

One of the books that covers the topics of atomic and molecular spectra and laser is Atomic & Molecular Spectra: Laser by Raj Kumar, published by Kedar Nath Ram Nath in 2012. This book consists of 32 chapters that cover the theoretical and experimental aspects of atomic and molecular spectroscopy, as well as the principles, types, characteristics, and applications of lasers. The book is intended for undergraduate and postgraduate students of physics, chemistry, and engineering, as well as researchers and professionals in the field.

The book is available in paperback format with 567 pages. The ISBN-10 number is 9380803303 and the ISBN-13 number is 978-9380803302. The book can be purchased online from or other sellers. The price of the book varies depending on the seller and the delivery charges. The book can also be downloaded as a PDF file from some websites, but this may not be legal or ethical.

The book has received positive reviews from many readers who have found it useful, informative, and easy to understand. The book has been rated 4.2 out of 5 stars on based on 322 ratings. Some of the comments from the reviewers are:

  • "Very good book for atomic physics."

  • "Best book for spectroscopy."

  • "Nice book with clear concepts."

  • "Good for competitive exams."

The book is a comprehensive and updated source of knowledge on atomic and molecular spectra and laser. It is suitable for anyone who wants to learn more about these topics or prepare for exams or interviews.


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