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We can get a lot of information from people who see themselves as someone who contributes regularly to the hacker community. The hackers we talked to are interested in improving technology and putting it to use in a positive way, and often they give their code away for free. They are volunteers, but still that can be a lot of time spent coding. Thats why they have chosen to focus on app development, since that is a lot easier than focusing on hacking a satellite.

skyhook wireless wifi hack bot v 5.0 free download

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This story sounds a bit familiar. Around 2010, another group of hackers dubbed the Elite Squad started what they called wireless prison break-ins. They started scanning for wireless networks at houses, hotel rooms, and other places that inmates typically have access to.

Gonzales and his partners were caught because of a booter program they used to trick cellphones into connecting to the stolen networks. With the phone connected to a wireless network, they could hack the phones.

Websites like Skyhook Wireless and Gowalla have gone a long way to fix this problem. Skyhook scans for public wireless networks and publishes the results on a crowdsourced map called Skymap, which lets people identify publicly accessible Wi-Fi networks for free. Cloud-based services like Skyhook and Delorme Sidewinder Exchange data with Gowalla, a service similar to Google's Location-based services. They find public Wi-Fi networks and share the information for free.

Skyhook is also working with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to connect certain wireless networks with its Wireless Emergency Alerts system, so they can automatically notify people in case of a natural disaster or emergency.


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