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Modern Farm

glazed thin brick continues its popularity as a subway tile with a touch more texture and personality. with modern farmhouse brick the classic appeal of subway tile is fused with dramatic color, slight texture and high-gloss glaze to create a uniquely striking tile. this particular tile is a glossy, bright white color featuring a subtle color variation.

Modern Farm

we created a version of the subway tile with our own modern farmhouse glazed thin brick collection. our designers started with a brick size slightly more elongated than the standard brick shape to offer your farmhouse a modern flair. if you are looking for the function of the trusty subway tile but with a little more surface texture and a hint of zellige glamour, then modern farmhouse brick should serve you well.

if your modern farmhouse bricks have visible crazing, or if you are using a contrasting grout, clé recommends applying a penetrating sealant or grout release like stonetech heavy duty sealer from laticrete prior to grouting.

modern farmhouse bricks vary in texture, color and size from brick to brick, with some individual bricks more than others. clé celebrates this variation resulting from the production methods and raw material choices. when specifying modern farmhouse brick, if color consideration is paramount, always work from a sampling of 3 or more bricks, which represents the range of color you can expect on the job.

how will my modern farmhouse brick samples compare to my actual order? as noted in the variation and add on orders sections of our faq, color and size variation between production batches (or kiln loads) of modern farmhouse bricks, in addition to variation from brick to brick, is to be expected given the handcrafted nature of the product. this makes it unlikely that your sample will be a perfect match with your actual order.

it is recommended that if your modern farmhouse brick tiles are being grouted with a contrasting grout color vs. a matching one, then a penetrating sealant or grout release should be applied prior to grouting in order to minimize the possibility of the contrasting grout curing in the inherent hairline cracks.

Farmers are increasingly deploying autonomous vehicles, remote-controlled machinery, and robots to monitor livestock and field conditions in real time, fertilize and irrigate with greater precision and efficiency, and make more informed decisions related to seeding and crop planting. Connected applications, designed specifically for the industry, enable farmers to monitor heavy equipment and identify and address minor issues before they become major problems, while allowing them to focus on the higher value demands of their business rather than on time-consuming fieldwork.

To meet the food requirements of a growing global population while combating factors such as climate change and crippling labor shortages, farmers must continue to invest in connected farming equipment and incorporate a range of new technologies and farming applications that modernize operations and improve outputs. Access to the continuous, uninterrupted, high-speed connectivity that only satellite networks can reliably deliver will also become critical.

Today, farmers commonly rely on cellular or Wi-Fi networks to power the on-farm technologies. However, the availability of these options is not always guaranteed, especially in rural locations where farms are typically located. Terrestrial networks are susceptible to outages caused by weather or other events on the ground. Because farms are usually situated in remote, lightly populated areas, repairs to ground infrastructure can leave a farm offline for days or weeks at a time. In an industry where the window of opportunity to plant and harvest is narrow and the margin of error very thin, any absence of connectivity can throw operations into disarray and cost significant dollars.

For all these reasons, satellite networks play a critical role in powering the Smart Farm of today and the future. Either as the primary communications or as a backup for redundancy, satellite communications complement and work seamlessly alongside terrestrial networks, offering a crucial secondary layer of continuous connectivity that all modern farms require.

Modern farmhouse style might claim to be the perfect blend. It draws on tradition, but feels up to date; it combines rustic touches with contemporary refinements; and it feels cozy and welcoming yet remains beautifully uncluttered.

Modern farmhouse ideas mean drawing on the very best elements of classic farmhouse style, but giving them a twist that reflects 21st century living and our guide has the knowhow you need on getting the look.

Farmhouse kitchen ideas continue the happy blending of contemporary and traditional elements. Think fuss-free sleek Shaker style cabinetry with brushed metal handles, oversized industrial light fixtures and a large, raw wood dining table for family and friends to gather around. With appliances, stick to modern stainless steel and avoid retro shapes and colors.

Modern farmhouse style is just as appealing when looking at the exterior as it is the interior. Traditional country homes offer many of the key architectural notes that modern farmhouse buildings use: timber cladding, lofted spaces and, often, wraparound porches. Other external touches to consider are industrial elements, such as metal light fixtures.

This more contemporary interpretation requires a crisp paint on the outside. White is one of the most classic colors for farmhouses to be painted in. During colonial times, whitewash was used as it acted as a preventative from mildew, and it also offered mild antibacterial properties. Today these are less of a concern, but choosing to keep the exterior in the traditional whitewash, while adding in contrasting highlights of a darker color, usually black, keeps things modern and fresh.

Indoors, modern farmhouses typically have more open floor plans and larger windows than their classic counterparts. The bones may be from the traditional country farmhouse design, but these changes allow more air and light to flow through.

'Keep millwork details simple,' advises interior designer Kate Lester (opens in new tab). 'For a true modern farmhouse look we skip crown molding and lean towards more casual detailing, like a board and batten or shiplap paneling. We also keep door and window casing simple and streamlined. Less really is more when you are trying to achieve this look.'

Spacious covered porches are a staple of modern farmhouse house plans. These relaxing, welcoming spaces often wrap around the house and are wide enough to accommodate porch swings, rocking chairs, tables, and lots of loved ones, pets, and friends. After all, farmhouse living of yesteryear often took place outside, and big porches were an informal gathering place for visitors and homeowners alike.

If this staple were one of the must-have features that pulled you into this style of home, you would be delighted to find most of our modern farmhouse plans have a variety of large, covered designs. Though not all plans in this collection include a large porch, many feature a covered deck or no porch. They are reiterating how this house style breaks the confines of tradition and allows personal preference to guide the way, given that this house style is designed to fit a variety of lots in any neighborhood or country setting.

Two types of siding are used in modern farmhouse house plans: lap, board, and batten. Lap siding is made from long horizontal planks that overlap the one below. Board and batten siding is vertical siding that consists of wider vertical boards overlaid with narrower strips called battens. Sometimes this décor choice is also used on interior walls of modern farmhouse house plans.

Lot features 7.1 acres of cleared land. This beautiful piece of land can go agricultural or residential. The lot is ready for a home to be built on or can be used as a farm! Animals will be removed before sale.

Rare opportunity to purchase in the desirable modern farms subdivision. Large home with tall ceilings in living area sitting on a 1/2 acre lot with tons of parking and rear yard access plus a detached mother in law suite with its own full bath, kitchen and laundry. Two primary suites in home with one on first floor. Beautiful newly renovated primary bath with large walk in shower. New roof, all windows have been updated, granite counters. First showing Sunday 2-26-23 at open house from 11-2. X flood. 041b061a72


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