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Angelito Ang Bagong Yugto Episode 1

Angelito Ang Bagong Yugto Episode 1

Angelito Ang Bagong Yugto is a Philippine drama series that serves as a sequel to Angelito: Ang Batang Ama. It stars JM de Guzman, Charee Pineda, Kaye Abad, John Prats, and other talented actors. The series follows the life of Angelito Santos, a young father who faces the challenges of raising his son Junjun and finding his true love. The first episode aired on July 16, 2012 on ABS-CBN.


In the first episode, Angelito and Rosalie finally get married after overcoming many obstacles. They are happy and excited to start a new chapter of their lives together with their son Junjun. However, their marital bliss is cut short when they encounter problems with their finances, their families, and their careers. Angelito struggles to find a stable job while Rosalie faces discrimination at work. They also have to deal with the interference of their parents, especially Rosalie's mother who disapproves of their marriage. Meanwhile, Jenny, Angelito's ex-girlfriend and Junjun's biological mother, returns to the Philippines and vows to get her son back.

The first episode of Angelito Ang Bagong Yugto introduces the viewers to the main characters and their conflicts. It also sets the tone for the rest of the series, which is a mix of drama, romance, comedy, and social commentary. The series tackles the issues of teenage pregnancy, single parenthood, family relationships, career choices, and social class. It also shows the joys and struggles of young love and marriage. The series is directed by Theodore Boborol and produced by ABS-CBN.

If you want to watch the full episode of Angelito Ang Bagong Yugto Episode 1, you can visit the official website of ABS-CBN Entertainment or watch it on iWantTFC. You can also watch other episodes of Angelito Ang Bagong Yugto on YouTube. Enjoy watching!


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